IXTAL is a research-driven company that provides solutions in the field of protein science, structural biology and drug design.

IXTAL offers discovery services for the production and purification of target proteins, their biochemical and biophysical characterisation, and their X-ray structural analysis.

IXTAL services and expertise include in silico drug design, lead optimisation and small molecule X-ray diffraction for single crystal structure determination.


Cloning, Expression and Purification of Proteins

Cloning strategies

Heterologous expression of proteins

Recombinant protein production

Protein chromatography purification


Protein Analysis

Biochemical and biophysical characterisation

Electrophoretic analysis

Protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction studies


X-ray Crystallography

Robot-assisted crystallization screening

X-ray data collection and analysis

Structural studies


Drug Design

Molecular docking simulation

Molecular dynamics simulation

Ligand design


Protein Engineering

Random mutagenesis

Site-directed mutagenesis

Chimeric proteins


Clients and partners

Our network


Rossi, F. et al. Crystal structure of a thermophilic O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase-derived self-labeling protein-tag in covalent complex with a fluorescent probe Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Volume 500(3), 7 Jun 2018, Pages 698-703. View at Publisher

Sarno, S. et al. Absolute structure and structure-function relationships of 4R,2′R and 4S,2′S Pidotimod® Journal of Molecular Structure. Volume 1147, 5 November 2017, Pages 810-814. View at Publisher

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