May 2021

IXTAL IXTAL will sponsor the online conference "WebPro - ProteinsOnTheWeb" of the Italian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB) - 20/21 May 2021 Read more here

February 2020

IXTAL will sponsor the 1st Italian Crystallographic Association – Biological Macromolecules (AIC-BMM) Meeting in Fiesole, a two-days on macromolecules structures and functions. Read more here

December 2019

IXTAL embarks proteins on the SpaceX Falcon9 CRS19 mission to the spacestation for the Kirara demonstration with JAMSS Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation and ICECubesService. Nanoracks LLC on board the same flight. Read more here. Follow the launch here!

November 2019

IXTAL has signed MOUs with Nanoracks-Italy and TissueGraft srl to boost the regional space industry ecosystem. Read more here

September 2019

IXTAL is co-hosting the "Nanoracks-CNR workshop" in Rome, an initiative promoted by NanoRacks LLC - Europe in order to stimulate a new way of doing research, adding the microgravity and space environment to the current scientific topics. Read more here

December 2018

IXTAL hit the news! click here

November 2018

IXTAL has been invited to present at the Italian Space Agency

October 2018

IXTAL will be in Bilbao for the "Space for Inspiration" conference, talking about proteins and space click here

IXTAL has been invited to the Sino-Italian meeting in Keqiao (China) click here

September 2018

IXTAL will attend the 2018 International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology click here

IXTAL is attending the presentation of "Tracexnovamont", the open onnovation initiative of Cariplo Facory and Intesa San Paolo, in collaboration wth Novamont click here

IXTAL will be in Ischia for "Extremophiles 2018" meeting click here

April 2018

Our last paper accepted in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal. For more info: click here

November 2017

IXTAL will attend the "Circular Bioeconomy Arena Meeting" that will take place on November 22, 2017 in Milan (Italy). For more info: click here

August 2017

IXTAL has been invited to present at the “Industrial and Molecular Biotechnologies” session of the 59th Congress of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB), that will take place from the 20th to 22nd of September 2017 in Caserta (Italy). For more info:

July 2017

IXTAL publishes, in collaboration with Almirall and NovaRes, a research paper detailing the molecular structures of isomers of the immunostimulatory molecule Pidotimod® (link)

12 March 2017

IXTAL will attend the partnering event of the 5th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology - 7 – 10 May 2017 – Riva del Garda, Italy (

15 February 2017

IXTAL will attend the BIO KOREA 2017 International Convention" held in Seoul (Korea) from the - 9th to the 13th of April, 2017 (

September 2016

IXTAL will attend the "Meet in Italy for Life Sciences - Rome 2016" from the 26th to the 28th October 2016.

10-20 April 2016

IXTAL will attend the BioInItaly Investment Forum 2016.

14 April 2016

IXTAL will attend the meeting "Il mercato svizzero, piattaforma di lancio per le imprese italiane del comparto Life Sciences" link.

23 October 2015

IXTAL has been invited to SMAU 2015 for the "Filarete Healthy Startups" meeting of the Startup Revolutionary Road project organized by Fondazione Filarete. The project is co-funded by Microsoft and Fondazione Cariplo.

14 October 2015

IXTAL has won the first prize of the 2015 "inNOVazione" innovation award organized by the "Fondazione Novara Sviluppo" (2nd edition). From left to right: Alberto Massarotti (Co-Founder), Davide M. Ferraris (Co-Founder), Andrea Moretti (Co-Founder) and Riccardo Miggiano (Co-Founder).

28 September 2015

IXTAL has been invited to EXPO 2015 for the "Spark the Milan Charter" workshop organized by Microsoft.